Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mother of Two

For all the mothers out there that have two or more children of their own, I humbly bow before you. I have one beautiful, baby girl who just turned one year old and I've been blind at just how easy I have it. Up until now, handling one child has been a large piece of decadent, dark chocolate cake. How I enjoyed every bite! But now I get it, those women that have more than one child or were even blessed to have two at once earned the mother of the year award and I stand in humble amazement. Today marks the day when I learn that naptime is even more sacred when two are sleeping at the same time. My beautiful vibrant daughter is napping right now and so is her new playmate John. They are exactly two weeks apart in age and are the best of buddies...except when John has had enough of Hannah's chattering and constant hugs. I guess the female and male tendencies start early. But for me, I am savoring the quiet and enjoying a nice big piece of, no longer cake, but of humble pie. Koodos to the mothers who have survived!

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